Hublot was founded in Switzerland in 1980. In those days, it was the first luxury watchmaker to combine gold and natural rubber: the "Art of Fusion" concept was born, bringing tradition into the future. Today, relying on its high-tech manufacture on the banks of Lake Geneva, at the forefront of new advances in technology and fundamental research into new materials, Hublot continues to write the History of Fusion, combining materials such as Magic Gold©, King Gold©, carbon fiber, zirconium, tantalum, tungsten, magnesium, titanium and more traditional materials like gold, platinum, ceramics, steel, rubber, diamonds and precious stones. Launched in 2005, the multiple award winning BIG BANG is a perfect illustration of the Fusion concept so dear to Hublot. The BIG BANG, now the brand's signature collection and a watchmaking icon, celebrated in 2015 its 10th anniversary.